Orange crush 1'' 4 disk clutch


1” 4 Disc Crush Racing Clutch

The Crush Clutch is build with the same part and manufacturing as 'Orange Crush', 'The Touch', 'GoldiLocks', 'Gator' and 'N-Gage' Clutches. All parts are 100% replaceable by any of our Crush Clutch Parts. These Clutches are factory blueprinted and offer the best performance and price of any clutch on the market. Note: Most parts will interchange with the Full Metal Jacket Clutch as well.


• CAD/CAM Designed and machined

• Advance Lever Geometry Positive Engagement: Increased Acceleration

• Adjustable Stall Speed

• Spring Matched Install within 1 lbs to Ensure Consistency

• Light Weight Clutch Basket

• .180” Thick Back Plate made of Alloy Steel

• .140” Thick Pressure Plate made of Steel

• More Consistent Engagement and Heat Dispensation

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