Front axle Kit

Front Steer U-Build Kit


This kit provides many of the components to build you own front steer front axle. All you should need is front beam, tie rods and drag links with the accompaning hardware to build axles to your desired specs. If you are running USLMRA or ARMA we recommend using one of our front axles built to the spec of those class rules.

Kit Items:

4x 728 1/2" Heim Joint (Not Drilled)

4x 50FNFJ0Z 1/2"-20 Jam Nut

6x 50FNsJ0 1/2"-20 Slotted Jam Nut

2X FCRP-4053 Aluminum Caster End Plates

2x Steel Caster Back Plates

2x 50F45HCS5Z 1/2"-20 x 4-1/2 Hex Bolt (Not Drilled)

12X 4068 1/2" x .204

1X 4062 EC Front Steer Spindles

14X 2509 5/8" Spindle Spacers

2X 62FNSJ0 5/8"-18 Slotted Jam Nut

8X 999-31 Large Cotter Reuseable Pins

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