Intek V twin

44-373B EC Billet Camshaft



44-373 Briggs 40-49ci Intek V-Twin is all out race cam for the 40-49ci Briggs Intek V-Twin. This cam gives a great balance in a wide linear powerband especially with our 1.5 roller rockers. Our racers say there is a huge difference in power on the track and in the exhaust note. We recommend for best performance to use our 1.5 ratio rockers. Clearance may be needed between the crankshaft and the camshaft. Also, check your lifters travel to ensure clearance and piston to valve clearance especially if using any type of ratio rocker.


RPM Range: Duration @0.050: Lobe Lift: Lobe Separation Angle



Springs Recommendation: Dual Valve Spring, Retainer and Valve Lock Kit

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