Intek V twin

Two Barrel Dom Alky Carburetor


Two Barrel Methanol Carburetor for Briggs V-Twins

Carburetor is professionally modified to run on methanol(not ethanol or E-85 or E-91). You can expect 10 to 12% increase in power by using one of our built methanol carburetors, but running methanol is worth it. There are some things you should be aware of when purchasing this carburetor:

Our build carburetor, tends to run rich at idle. This is done on purpose because the carburetor doesn't have accelerator pump. We found it is necessary to increase the low side fuel circuit to help increase acceleration. This enhancement comes with a down side that the idle runs rich. Try to refrain for letting the engine at idle for any length of time that it will cause excess fuel to enter into the crankcase.

It is jetted base on our race engine platform used in mower racing. Expect that your engine package may need a more fine tuning once you receive your carburetor. We include two extra sets of main jet per size.

This kit will also include a fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel line. It is a must that you use these parts for the carburetor to work properly.

Caution: because the race engine is running methanol, you will need to dry the cylinder wall very quickly. Some methanol will get into the crankcase oil. It is necessary to run a racing oil that will protect your engine. We recommend EC Blue Power Tech (heavy) or FHS-62R. Use the black fuel line.

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