Intimidator X series

X360G Intimidator for clone/gx200/predator


EC's Intimidator X360 series is our exclusive, top-shelf carburetor design. This Carburetor is the brainchild of EC Birt and Carroll Ford to design a better carburetor from scratch that will out perform any manufacturers carburetor but be in an affordable price range. The X360 is our designed as a one-piece casted body. We innovated an infinite radius venturi for a balance of airflow and fuel signal. Then the body is polished to a high-shine finish. We then reduce flow restriction with our signature 3 piece throttle shaft. Custom design and casted fuel pump plate for higher fuel flow. Custom Billet adjustment needles and our high flow red fuel inlet cap. All of these parts are hand assembled by our master carburetor technicians. 

This makes an unmatchable combination for making brute horsepower and torque. This carburetor accelerates like no other with a built in high RPM lean out for that top-end, surging power. The carburetor has a 1.060" throttle bore and .940" venturi. The bolt spacing for the carburetor-mounting flange is 1-13/16" and the holes are 5/16 in diameter. Velocity Stack diameter is 2.50"


Starting Needle Adjustments:

Low Side 2-1/2 Turns Out

High Side 1-1/2 Turns Out

Fulcrum Height .065


X360G-4K EC Intimidator Carburetor for GX200/Clone/Predator on Gas

Kit Comes with:


Fuel Pump

In-line Fuel Filter

Carburetor Linkage

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