Intimidator X series

X380 Intimidator open reed 2 cycle 100-135cc


X380-9K EC Intimidator 100-135cc Open Reed 2-Stroke Kit

1.125 Throttle bore 1.000 Venturi.

This 1.125” (28.575mm) Carburetor built for 2-stroke Engines. Where the others fall short are in their initial design and intent for other engine applications. While all things are possible, the X380 is a far superior carburetor from start to finish. Our Intimidator Carburetors replace our 3+3 Twilight Zone Custom built Tillotson carburetor($600-1000+) with a blank body ready for any fuel circuit and modifications to fit any type engine. These carburetors are built with custom plate stacks, billet needles, and our EC signature 3 piece throttle shaft.


Fuel: Methanol(alcohol) pure methanol only , DO NOT BUY METHANOL WITH TOP LUBE OR ADD TOP LUBE.

Caution: WILL NOT WORK WITH ETHANOL E-85 or E-91 or any other type of ethanol.


The X380-9K is designed for the 100-135cc Open Reed 2-Stroke Kit


Hi Side Needle Initial setting: 1-1/2 turns out

Low Side Needle Initial Setting: 2 turns out

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