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X380 Intimidator world formula alky


X380-5K EC Intimidator X380 OHV Briggs World Formula Kit

1.125 Throttle bore 1.000 Venturi.

This is the only 1.125” (28.575mm) Carburetor built for OHV Open Engines. Where the others fall short are in their initial design and intent for other engine applications. While all things are possible, the X380 is a far superior carburetor from start to finish. Our Intimidator Carburetors replace our 3+3 Twlight Zone Custom built Tillotson carburetor($600-1000+) with a blank body ready for any fuel circuit and modifications to fit any type engine. These carburetors are built with custom plate stacks, billet needles, and our EC signature 3 piece throttle shaft.


The X380-5K is designed for the Briggs World Formula.


Fuel: Methanol(alcohol) pure methanol only , DO NOT BUY METHANOL WITH TOP LUBE OR ADD TOP LUBE.

Caution: WILL NOT WORK WITH ETHANOL E-85 or E-91 or any other type of ethanol.


Kit Items:

• X380 Carburetor

• Intake Manifold

• Intimidator Linkage

• JR175 Air Filter

• Fuel Filter

• Walbro FPC1- Round Style Fuel Pump


Caution: Use only the Walbro FPC-1 Fuel pump!

Fuel pumps we do not support with our carburetors:

B&S fuel

Mikuni, and Mikuni knock offs

Plastic knock off of the Walbro WIP fuel pump (square pump)

If it doesn’t say Walbro then they have caused problem with our carburetors.

No electric fuel pumps.

If you have a fuel pump you rather use please give us a call so we can advise you.


Hi Side Needle Initial setting: 1 turn out

Low Side Needle Initial Setting: 2-1/2 turns out

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