Vanguard V twin

4.350 vanguard billet H Beam Rod (2 required)


Introducing our brand new vanguard Billet H beam connecting rods. We started by throwing the the OEM specs out the window. These rods are built around race pistons and not oem pistons. They are cnc machined out of 7075 billet aluminum. We use an H beam design, 5/16 arp bolts, and form tapping for maximum strength. These rods do not use rod bearings and that is by design. No rod bearings allows for the use of 5/16 bolts and more material around the crank journal to maximize concentricity. The bore is finish honed. These rods have a .625 wrist pin and only work with our 2.992 3 ring pistons. They are currently untested and have no warranty just like all the other parts we sell. Make sure to verify clearance around the rods in the block during assembly. Torque to 20 foot pounds

Rods will be made upon order until we see how they sell to stock them. Expect a few weeks delay.

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